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Some of our main features include

Pick and Mix Testing

Unlike any other solution on the market, you can pick and mix subsets of different fields into one specialized test for your candidates.

Test Invitation

You will be able to invite candidates through a 1-click link, but still with the security that candidates will not access the test more than once.

State-of-the-Art Test Report

Tangible reporting on every single candidate, which gives the candidate a chance to showcase a pinch of skill instead of selling himself on purely words. This gives you a lot more basis for judgment for an educated decision on who to proceed with.

Social Verification

Know that you’re dealing with the right people, and the right people are taking your assessments. Through our integration with Facebook and LinkedIn, we can block out fraudulent/spam accounts.

Behaviour Analytics

We integrated systems so candidates’ every move is tracked in great detail. As a client with us, you will receive in-depth behavior analytics to help you understand how the candidates behave during his test.

Customized branding option

We know how important it is for you to appear professional to new employees. With simple 1-2-3 you can upload and adjust your own branding to our platform, as well as integrating our tests with your own domain.