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The Kandio Method

Kandio’s assessment tests let you assess the candidates, employees, agencies or freelancers you have concerning any Facebook advertisement tasks that you might have.

Remember that Kandio offers guidelines on which Google marketers to proceed with, and which ones to discard. Kandio will give you reliable directions about things advertisers should know about, but an advertiser can be qualified, even if he does not know about all of these things.

We suggest that you use our tests before your interview process to know which ones to actually talk to. The final Kandio report should be a piece of conversation with the strong candidates, rather than a disqualifying process in a late-stage interview process.

The focus subject of Google Analytics, and how we test

Google Analytics is an essential tool for any website, especially when its products and services are presented to customers online.

This test focuses on the following subject areas:

  • Definitions and interface. This covers the basic and advanced functionalities of the tool. Whether you’re setting up your main dashboard to provide you with all the useful insights or simply monitoring your set KPI’s, having the basic knowledge of the interface will help you make informed decisions.
  • Implementation and analysis of data. Google Analytics has grown into a very robust and powerful analytics tool. There are plenty of data points to choose from wherein you could apply your own data monitoring implementation and analytics.

So why do we do it this way?

Google Analytics gives you a thorough understanding of the users of your website. It gives you an idea of how your website performs based on the data collected from all its visitors. Using Google Analytics can help you analyze all your data points and transform it into valuable insights that will help you make data-driven decisions on strategies. A candidate can have a basic understanding of Google Analytics but if their knowledge does not cover all the available analytical techniques on all available data points, they may not be able to maximize the insights that can be derived to make your website perform better.

How would you use this test?

This test can cover different cases.

  • Assess marketing agencies and their respective specialists within their field and know about their Google Analytics capabilities.
  • Test current employees about their knowledge of applying Google Analytics to your website.
  • Assess possible future employees to see if you should qualify and move their application forward or discard them to save yourself the time.
  • Test freelancers and independent professionals with their capabilities. There are several ways to learn Google Analytics independently and it’s easy for some professionals to say that they’re an expert. Testing them will help give you an idea if they can indeed help you or not.

Which areas do we assess in this test?

There are 3 main responsibilities that are tested in this assessment.

  • Customizing interface according to goals
  • Goal-setting and strategizing
  • Data insights and analysis

Advanced functionality
Parts of this test touches on expert functions of Google Analytics. This will let you know if your candidate is more entry-level, or if he has substantial experience, as these functions are rarely used if you don’t have a significant amount of experience.

Definitions and interface
It’s essential to know your way around the interface as well as the correct lingo and terminology on different definitions—especially when collaborating with other marketing and sales resources in the company’s value chain. A candidate needs to know his definitions to establish a good collaboration.

Analysis and data
Google Analytics can form, sort, arrange, and list data in an almost infinite amount of different ways. Frankly, the platform is so comprehensive, that having insufficient experience with data or the analysis hereof, can cause disastrous business impact.

Setup and implementation
Having a correct setup on Google Analytics is paramount for the success of any digital strategy that includes data and analytics. Part of this test touches setup and implementation, so you know that your candidate knows about these steps.

We hope this test will help you the way it is helping us.

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the content, questions or anything else.





Maximum completion time

40 minutes

Chapter(s) 4
  • Advanced functionality
  • Definitions and interface
  • Analysis and data
  • Setup and implementation
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Made by one of the leading experts

I work a lot with Google tools which are a must have for any business. And now, I’ve discovered yet another must have tool for any business that is hiring online. Kandio is an obvious choice.

Jacob Lie-Olsen Kildebogaard

Jacob Lie-Olsen Kildebogaard

COO and best selling Book Author
Award-winning keynote speaker
Author of our Google Ads & Google Analytics tests

Jacob Lie-Olsen Kildebogaard

My name is Jacob Kildebogaard. My goal is to help businesses take advantage of two of the most powerful online tools in the world: Google Analytics and Google Ads. If your business’ growth relies on your website, you need the sharpest minds you can get.

Any business that relies on their website as a main source of income should invest in AdWords and Analytics. If you can hire an expert who knows how to take advantage of these tools, then you’re on your way to tapping into a goldmine. My assessment test was created for this exact purpose.

My Experience

I’ve been working with a staggering amount of websites all throughout my career. My focus has grown into the backbone of any website’s success – its analytics. Over the past decade, I’ve developed an understanding of how to create success from websites by ways of understanding more of what’s going on behind the metrics of everything about a website. If you can understand the analytics behind any website, you can discover untapped potential as well as optimizing current implementations. With my experience, I’ve learned to become fluent in understanding the language of metrics, analytics, and numbers.

My Achievements

These accomplishments are only a byproduct of what I primarily focus on achieving: helping websites grow by capitalizing on one of the best search engines in the world, Google.

  • 2016 & 2017
    Borsen Gazelle Awards
    Two-time receiver of the prestigious Gazelle Award
  • 2017
    Google Partner Academy
    Chosen for training of the Google Partner Academy
  • 2016
    The Online Evangelists
    Published book
  • 2014
    AdWords for Webshops
    Adwords for Webshops
    Published book
  • 2010
    The Analytics book
    Published book
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94% of all questions our support receives, can be answered in the below FAQ

I have many candidates - will they all receive the same questions for equal assessment?
Short answer:

Yes, all candidates are equally assessed, when you use Kandio.

Long answer:

All our tests have different questions that might or might not change from vacancy to vacancy.

However, once you lock a recruitment round in, the questions will lock in as well for all candidates going through your assessment, so that they are equally screened.
How can the exam score help me to make a better hiring decision?
Overall it would be best if you kept in mind that Kandio offers help with assessing your total pool of candidates. The point with this plan-of-attack is to give you a tool that will enable you to pinpoint the very underqualified candidates quickly, and promptly discard of them. As well as locating the strong candidates, and invite them for an interview before your competitor does.

The difficulty of our tests is serious in general and is meant to find the lesser qualified. So you shouldn’t disqualify a candidate at 67%, just because you have someone who’s testing 70%. Or even 85%.

Kandio is a tool you should use in addition to other means such as:

- Common sense
- Gut feeling
- Internal screening
- Other assessment tools from Mandomedio
- Experience of the candidate
- Career goals of the candidate

The reason we have priced Kandio the way we have is that it’s meant to be used alongside other decision factors, and not as a sole dictation of which candidate to employ.
Why Kandio over other tests? And why not a free-writing test?
All Kandio assessments have a difficult multiple-choice approach and a very clear and tangible scorecard at the end. We only work with objective measurements and completely disregard candidate values such as consistency in work, ability to teamwork, humanity, and care for colleagues, sociality, and the likes.

The reason for this is that in today's tech-oriented world, we often see a significant amount of different solutions to the same problem. If we offered free-write assignments, candidates would need to be assessed one by one, which obviously would be impossible at our price point.

With us, you're buying access to a robust set of exams, written by the world's best authorities, with well-functioning scorecards to make recruitment easier. And on top of that, we are using big-data to benchmark all your candidates across other similar candidates.
How difficult are the tests Kandio offers my candidates?
All our tests are authored with serious difficulty in mind. We accept only the best test authors onto our platform, and a fixed percentage of revenue goes directly to our authors to keep content updated, and authors happy.

Our goal is to weed out the least competent candidates in the most common knowledge within your desired field.

Because of this, you should keep in mind to adjust your salary expectations and level of acceptance, if you’re looking for junior roles, mid-level roles, or senior roles.
How do I adjust the level of my test to match the qualifications of the position I’m trying to fill within my company?
You don’t. Our tests are made with such difficulty in mind, that they would challenge all skill levels regardless of seniority. We almost never see any candidate getting everything correct on our exams.

If you are trying to fill a senior role, you would probably want candidates to score above 60% in Kandio. If you’re looking for a junior role, you could probably settle with 30%-50%

If you want a very junior role, that you can train along the way, you would be looking at 30%-50%.

We wouldn’t recommend considering any candidate below 20% unless you have clear indications from other factors of decision making.