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PHP Online Test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

Using our PHP online test will assure your candidate’s skills on PHP 7=< using 24 highly detailed questions.

All questions are among general knowledge within PHP and should be known by strong developers.

The test is put together by the industry influencing developer and Pluralsight Author, Annapurna Agrawal, who has a long history and track record with PHP programming, and any sub-chapter within this PHP online test.

The sub-chapters were picked after assessing the overall scope of the PHP programming language, and Anna has assessed the six most vital areas to evaluate the qualification of a specific candidate. See all chapters to the right.

By using our PHP online test, recruiting PHP programmers will be much more painless. You will have a significantly higher chance of employing a strong candidate, as well as eliminating the risk of hiring a weakling.

How would you use this test?

This test has a number of use cases:

  1. Test PHP developers and their understanding of the concept of the programming language in particular
  2. Filter out candidates for your work based on their subject matter clarity
  3. Test if the candidate is aware and has knowledge of working with databases while using PHP. MySQL PHP is one of the most powerful and popular tools.
  4. You can use this test to get a hint if the person suits your requirement of the work.

What are the overall areas covered in this test?

Arrays, Loops
An array is the most commonly used data structures in programming. Handling and understanding array is important in building any kind of application for a group and working with similar and associated data.
Whereas, a proper understanding of looping is important to automate a job of repeating a task for as many times as required, the time when the number is known or indefinite.

Basic PHP, Operators, Syntax
Performing basic logical tasks and optimizing codes requires a clear understanding of the concept in any programming language. Using proper syntax and operators is one of the keys to following proper coding standards.

Security, Session, Errors
Securing web applications from any forged attacking attempts and making it solidly secure is very important. Being a developer, it is their responsibility to eradicate any threat in the web app, using all the available options, in a recommended manner.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Creating an objected-oriented application makes the application all the way better in every way. An object-oriented based application is organized, optimized, maintainable and the code is reusable. The PHP online test will give you a hint if the candidate has knowledge of OOP.

Functions and References
PHP provides a huge collection of built-in library functions besides allowing us to create our own custom functions.
Also, PHP implements variable values through a structure called zval and a reference is simply a variable corresponding to the same zval as another variable.
Understanding these will help in better memory management and proper use of the available resources without needing to reinvent the wheel.

MySQL PHP is a powerful tool when building a website and dealing with the database. Experience and knowledge of PHP with MySQL is a sign of a good PHP developer. This PHP online test will provide you with an idea of a candidate’s knowledge of this tool.





Maximum completion time

41 minutes

Chapter(s) 6
  • MYSQL and PHP
  • Functions and References
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Security, Session, Errors
  • Basic PHP, Operators, Syntax
  • Arrays, Loops
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I’ve been developing web and mobile tools for businesses. Now, Kandio enabled me to help businesses by developing and growing their own team.

Annapurna Agrawal

Annapurna Agrawal

Top-rated PHP instructor
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Author of our PHP and WordPress tests

Annapurna Agrawal

My name is Annapurna Agrawal, and I’m a full-stack developer with years of experiences under my belt. Apart from my current role as a software engineer, I am also training a new generation of developers through my extensive training courses.

As a web development trainer, I cover each topic step by step, ultimately encouraging my learners to gain the knowledge they need within the shortest possible time frame. At the same time, the assessment I’ve written for Kandio is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge on WordPress and PHP. This way, I’m enabling businesses to gain a valuable player into their own team.

My Experience

After earning my Bachelor of Technology degree from India, I pursued a fulfilling career in web and mobile development. As a full-stack developer, I’ve been playing around with a range of technologies, and I share my expertise in these areas through my online courses on Pluralsight and Udemy.

My Achievements

In choosing a career in web development, I can say that I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far as a developer and an author, knowing that I’ve empowered others to break the glass ceiling. Apart from authoring online courses on Pluralsight and Udemy, I’m also a trainer in the Google Developers Group at Bhubaneswar, Odisha in India.

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94% of all questions our support receives, can be answered in the below FAQ

I have many candidates - will they all receive the same questions for equal assessment?
Short answer:

Yes, all candidates are equally assessed, when you use Kandio.

Long answer:

All our tests have different questions that might or might not change from vacancy to vacancy.

However, once you lock a recruitment round in, the questions will lock in as well for all candidates going through your assessment, so that they are equally screened.
How can the exam score help me to make a better hiring decision?
Overall it would be best if you kept in mind that Kandio offers help with assessing your total pool of candidates. The point with this plan-of-attack is to give you a tool that will enable you to pinpoint the very underqualified candidates quickly, and promptly discard of them. As well as locating the strong candidates, and invite them for an interview before your competitor does.

The difficulty of our tests is serious in general and is meant to find the lesser qualified. So you shouldn’t disqualify a candidate at 67%, just because you have someone who’s testing 70%. Or even 85%.

Kandio is a tool you should use in addition to other means such as:

- Common sense
- Gut feeling
- Internal screening
- Other assessment tools from Mandomedio
- Experience of the candidate
- Career goals of the candidate

The reason we have priced Kandio the way we have is that it’s meant to be used alongside other decision factors, and not as a sole dictation of which candidate to employ.
Why Kandio over other tests? And why not a free-writing test?
All Kandio assessments have a difficult multiple-choice approach and a very clear and tangible scorecard at the end. We only work with objective measurements and completely disregard candidate values such as consistency in work, ability to teamwork, humanity, and care for colleagues, sociality, and the likes.

The reason for this is that in today's tech-oriented world, we often see a significant amount of different solutions to the same problem. If we offered free-write assignments, candidates would need to be assessed one by one, which obviously would be impossible at our price point.

With us, you're buying access to a robust set of exams, written by the world's best authorities, with well-functioning scorecards to make recruitment easier. And on top of that, we are using big-data to benchmark all your candidates across other similar candidates.
How difficult are the tests Kandio offers my candidates?
All our tests are authored with serious difficulty in mind. We accept only the best test authors onto our platform, and a fixed percentage of revenue goes directly to our authors to keep content updated, and authors happy.

Our goal is to weed out the least competent candidates in the most common knowledge within your desired field.

Because of this, you should keep in mind to adjust your salary expectations and level of acceptance, if you’re looking for junior roles, mid-level roles, or senior roles.
How do I adjust the level of my test to match the qualifications of the position I’m trying to fill within my company?
You don’t. Our tests are made with such difficulty in mind, that they would challenge all skill levels regardless of seniority. We almost never see any candidate getting everything correct on our exams.

If you are trying to fill a senior role, you would probably want candidates to score above 60% in Kandio. If you’re looking for a junior role, you could probably settle with 30%-50%

If you want a very junior role, that you can train along the way, you would be looking at 30%-50%.

We wouldn’t recommend considering any candidate below 20% unless you have clear indications from other factors of decision making.